About Tax Grievances


“Although homeowners are obligated to pay property taxes,
they are not obligated to pay more than their fair share!”

Property taxes are the largest expense homeowners have to pay other than a mortgage. Each homeowner has the obligation to pay their property taxes and also the responsibility to pay only “their fair share”.

Your property taxes are like your income taxes – they change every year. And just as you consult your accountant each year about income taxes, you should also consult a “Property Tax Specialist” for a real property assessment analysis. Since property assessments are subject to errors and inaccuracies … they are also susceptible to reductions and possible refunds. Just like income taxes, they have to be reviewed each year. And unlike an accountant, we will not charge a fee unless we succeed in saving you money.


  • Real estate values continue to fall, but property taxes are skyrocketing
  • Not challenging your taxes may cost you thousands each year. You may be absorbing an increased tax burden due to other homeowners who have their assessment successfully reduced.
  • You have only ONE opportunity a year to challenge your property taxes. DON’T MISS IT!


  • Remember that in a tax grievance proceeding your taxes cannot be increased. They can only be reduced.
  • You cannot be threatened with a “home inspection” by the tax assessor merely because you grieve your taxes; the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional.
  • The bottom line is …… “You have nothing to lose except high taxes!”